Don't change your life. Change of light.
Duky Trimless
Beauty and versatility. High quality and comfort. Clean and defined light emission. Trimless option to achieve excellence in projects.
Four 111 In
Warmth and distinctive design as protagonists of this semi-recessed led projector. Light is projected through an optical lens and a honeycomb.
Round recessed downlight. This is a light point of closed beam and high luminic efficiency with a surprising aesthetic result.
Tare XS Magnetic
Small spotlight for TAR42 mini magnetic track. Effortless beauty and excellent luminous efficiency given its dimension.
We are HER.
We create
unique sensations
at 300.000 km/s.
We are HER.
HER is a leading brand specialized in lighting solutions with products born as a result of our research and interest in light treatment.
Technical solutions are fully developed in-house at our Barcelona R&D center.
An ecosystem in constant evolution including research, development of new techniques, light concepts and manufacturing custom pieces.
What sets us apart?
The light is the matter. HER is the idea.
What sets us apart?
There is only one kind of light: electromagnetic radiation in form of waves whose reflection illuminates surfaces and objects.
But there are many forms of treating her and many more to create sensations and emotions. And this is precisely what differentiate us.
Because at HER we do not just produce and place lights. At HER we illuminate.
In short, we put light to your ideas.
We put all our energy to take care of the planet.
Light gives life to the planet and the human beings. At HER, we devote our energy to caring about the nature and the environment by using ecological, sustainable and recyclable materials.
In addition, we are always searching for the highest performance efficiency of our products to reduce to the maximum light consumption.
Because sustainable development mean taking care of the planet while we keep advancing in technology and innovation.